Ralph Fiennes To Sign Up For ‘Darker’ Bond 23?

fiennes300In casting terms, Sam Mendes has certainly set his aim rather high for the new Bond film and the latest name being chucked about MI6 HQ is that of Harry Potter villain Ralph Fiennes.

According to The Daily Mail, the uber-baddie could be in line for a role in the upcoming spy caper but there are no official suggestions of what the part may be. Surely any role other than an urbane villain would be a waste of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s acting prowess.

“The part is one of extreme complexity and only an actor of great ability and dexterity can take it on — and Ralph’s name is top of our list,” said a film source.

There are no formal negotiations currently taking place, but Mendes might be confident of getting his man, after all they have worked together before, he directed Fiennes in RSC productions years ago.

Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench have already signed up to appear in the film and names like Javier Bardem and Rachel Weisz are being regularly touted as possible co-stars.

If such a cast comes together then we could be in for quite a treat, especially when you consider that The Mail’s source predicts an even more edgier Bond than last time out. “It’s the first of a new generation of Bond films, and the ideas Mendes has push the film into darker territory where the characters are modern, mature and challenging.”