Raunchy BGT Star Beatrix Gets A Rise Out Viewers

Stars in her....eyes

Simon Cowell may have been chuffed to watch a busty babe strip down to the buttocks on last week’s Britain’s Got Talent…

…but plenty of viewers were not.

Media watchdog, Ofcom, received 54 complaints from enraged viewers who dubbed the act “inappropriateâ€? for its pre-watershed airing, according to reports by The Sun.

Simon, who appeared somewhat “preoccupiedâ€? throughout Beatrix’s routine, asked the Burlesque star “Do you have a second song?â€?

“You’re the British version of Dita Von Teese – I’m going to back you.”

The 27-year-old, real name Stephanie Brooks, has already promised Simon his own private routine, telling The Daily Star: “I would love to dance for Simon, he is welcome to come and see me…

“I kept peeking at Simon to see if he liked it and I think he did, he’s a great man to have on your side. I think he wanted to see more.â€?

Despite all the raunchy chat, ITV insisted the act was appropriate and stars had been placed over Beatrix’s boobs to avoid offence. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

A spokeswoman said: “Beatrix’s stylised burlesque performance was carefully edited to ensure it was suitable.â€?

Judge for yourselves gang:

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