Red Dawn Remake To Be Finally Released

Back in 2009 director Dan Bradley filmed his debut, a remake of 1984’s Red Dawn, but the film was never released.

For one thing, MGM was going through a potential bankruptcy at the time, but even after they sorted their financial problems they declined to bring the movie to theatres. Bradley, who had previously been a stunt coordinator on franchises like Spiderman and the Bourne series, decided to reimagine the communist invaders as Chinese and this made the film untouchable.

Since China provides a big chunk of the film market, no studio thought it was worth putting out but now the commies have been digitally transformed into North Koreans. Clearly studios don’t care about being politically correct, so long as the offended party doesn’t go to films anyway.

The altered film stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki and Isabel Lucas as the Wolverines, defending their small Ohio town against the Reds. Film District, which has recently brought us Insidious, Drive, and The Rum Diary is willing to expose the movie to the public.