Red Dwarf Secret Clip One

Dave started counting down to Red Dwarf X this weekend, playing each series back-to-back and promising fans a secret code in the advert breaks that unlocks a new trailer.

Well, if like me, you had better things to do this sunny weekend than just sitting in your pants and watch repeats of the big crimson red one, you’ll have gone onto Google and found the code MOOSE which unlocked an online video. However, if you haven’t yet you’re in for a treat, because the released clip (below) is genuinely funny!

I don’t know about anyone else, but as a fan of the show I’m certainly a bit more relaxed now about the upcoming series X having watched all the sneak preview trailers. Time will tell I guess if the tenth season turns out to be like disappointing Back to Earth, or dare I say the disastrous series 9. I’ve certainly got my hopes up for a return to form.

More codes next weekend!