Red Dwarf stars hide grey hairs for new series

It has been almost a quarter of a century since the crew of the Red Dwarf crash-landed our TV screens, bringing with them wit, charisma and plenty of “smegâ€?.

But this year the boys are back in TV town, returning for a new run of the beloved British show with Red Dwarf X.

And speaking to The Sun, star Craig Charles has admitted that 25 years have not exactly been kind. “Kryten’s going to be a much wider robot, he joked, suggesting that the quartet were more akin to four OAPs in space nowadays. “Cat wears a wig so you can’t see his grey hair.

“And Rimmer – he’ll need a touch up. I like the idea of grumpy old men in space.â€?

The all new series will be making a comeback on Dave, where reruns of the original show have been playing since…the channel’s inception.

Craig Charles has even taken time out of his busy Corrie cab-driving schedule to make an appearance as Dave Lister. Also returning will be Danny John-Jules who played Cat, Chris Barrie as Rimmer and Robert Llewellyn as the anxious Kryten.

Originally finding a home on the BBC for 11 years, the show switched allegiance to Dave when it made a special comeback in 2009 with Red Dwarf: Back To Earth, which drew in more than three million viewers.

Following the success of the TV reprise, John-Jules slammed the BBC for its poor treatment of a show which had an audience of millions and has been incredibly profitable as a franchise.

“The BBC never really pushed Red Dwarf as one of their flagship shows even though it was so successfulâ€?, he told Digital Spy last year. “[The series] has made untold millions all over the world, but we’re still not part of the furniture.”

The new series will be coming to Dave in September..