Red or Black?: First Look At Cowell’s New Show

It is tipped to be the biggest show of the Autumn – maybe even bigger than the X Factor. This weekend we were able to have a first glimpse at the new gameshow (with a top prize of £1 million) as rehearsals are underway.

So what will the show consist of? Well according to The Sun this morning, Jedward being shot out of the top of two JCB diggers, a human pinball machine and “limbo dancing” on top of a moving car.

The paper also reports that one of the stuntmen had to be transported to hospital after falling off a car during the rehearsals.

We also found out how the gameshow works. 1000 contestants will be betting on the winner of each ‘stunt’ throughout the show. Those who manage to guess correctly will get through to the next round until there are only two contestants.

From the photos we’ve seen, basically think of the arenas and stunts of Gladiators, mixed in with Fort Boyard, and ectasy production-values of the X Factor. It. Will. Be. Insane.