Red Or Black? In Trouble Again

Simon Cowell’s recent bid for airwave domination, Red Or Black?, was dubbed a “colossal heap of crudâ€? by many and has ended up in yet another spot of bother with officials.

Following an investigation by the gambling watchdog, officials have expressed their concern over the show’s glamorisation of the gambling process.

The Gambling Commission met with ITV bosses on Friday over concerns the show encourages gambling by making it look “easy” to win on roulette.

Four very lucky individuals each took home £1million prize after displaying precisely zero amount of skill or intellect when they chose between red…or black…in a number of arbitrary trials.

It is unclear what rules the regulator could use to block the show, hosted by Ant and Dec, if it is not appeased.

But a source said: “Put it this way, if the Gambling Commission kicks up a big fuss about your show publicly, it is unlikely that you would go ahead with it.”

They added: “The Commission has concerns the show is glamorising gambling as so many people won £1million last time and did the best part of nothing to get it.”

Do your worst Mr Gambling Commission, you’d be doing us all a favour