Red or Black To Return.. But Be Pre-Recorded

Simon Cowell’s sprawling multi-million pound gameshow which specialises in giving ex-cons a hand up has been renewed for a second series, but bosses have decided to pre-record the show rather than broadcasting it live. Presuambly so they can edit out any criminals who make it through their haphazard security net.

Simon Cowell’s prime-time programme will also be going out on a weekly basis rather than daily over one week.

The move should enable ITV to thoroughly check up on their contestants (Nathan Hageman – who was later discovered to have served a prison sentence for GBH – walked a away with £1 million last year) and economise ad-budgets over a longer series.

The roulette wheel has also been ditched after a commission ruled that it glamourised gambling. It will be replaced by ‘The Vortex’, which sees contestants predicting how long a ball will drop down a ‘mini velodrome’. As such, the show’s title is now slightly irrelevant..

“We had planned a game where people have to get the ball into a red or black hole,” a source told The Sun. “It would have been like a pinball board, where how hard you send the ball running and when you flick the ball determines where you end up.”

“It will still be as tense as the roulette wheel – it could even be more exciting as the ball will hang around for longer.”

Winners will receive £500,000 each show, with a possible roll-over reaching £3.5 million.

Red or Black will be returning to ITV1 in the autumn..

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