Reese Witherspoon Has A Wish List

Urgh. The woman may have an Oscar and the pointiest chin in Hollywood but that doesn’t stop her for making questionable movie choices.

Reese Witherspoon is attached to star in Disney’s new project Wish List. The script by Tooth Fairy writer Randi Mayer Singer will see a little girl making 10 wishes at a wishing well only for the coin to get stuck before it hits the botoom (10 wishes for one coin? – Greedy git).

Years later, the grown up girl (Witherspoon) is now a career-driven business woman who doesn’t have time for silly things like wishes. That is until the coin, is shaken lose and all her childhood dreams comes true at once. We’re willing to bet one of them is a pony.

The original script had the lead as a man but with The Change-Up on the way (a film in which two guys swap bodies after having a pee in a magical fountain) and Ted (a film by Seth McFarlane which sees a childhood wish for a toy to become real disatrously come true), a female lead was probably a more attractive proposition for Disney.

It’s another strange choice for Witherspoon who’s had a run of particularly cack movies of late (underwhelming big screen TV movie Water For Elephants and grammar dodging rom com How Do You Know).

She’ll be next seen in action comedy This Means War. Let’s hope that pulls her cinematic socks up.