Rev Series 3 Coming Soon


Rev returns for a third series that asks big questions of the Reverend Adam Smallbone (Tom Hollander) as he and his wife Alex (the double Bafta award winning Olivia Colman) adjust to life as new parents in the inner city parish of St Saviour’s, Hackney. How will Adam cope with parenthood on top of his small but demanding congregation? Can he manage being a father and a Father?

The new series brings a host of new and returning characters to meet St Saviour’s band of lost but loveable misfits in six exciting new episodes that see Adam pushed to the limits of priestly endurance. Can he continue to fight the good fight against indifference, the worst aspects of his institution and his own tendency towards temptation? Re-joining Tom Hollander and Olivia Colman are the ensemble cast of Simon McBurney (Archdeacon Robert) Miles Jupp (Nigel, the Lay Reader) Steve Evets and Ellen Thomas (Colin and Adoha, of the St Saviour’s congregation) Lucy Lieman (Ellie, Head Teacher at the local school) and Jimmy Akingbola (Mick, the resident vagrant).

Hugh Bonneville reprises his on-going guest role as Adam Smallbone’s arch nemesis, Roland Wise, Joanna Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine become series regulars as Jill and Geri, The Area Dean and Diocesan Secretary who have St Saviours firmly in their sights for possible redevelopment, Dexter Fletcher guest stars as Mike Tobin, a Turner award winning artist who befriends Adam in unusual circumstances and Kayvan Novak also guest stars as the local Imam.