Rhys Ifans Joins Bond 23

Rhys-IfansRhys Ifans is rumoured to be close to joining the cast of Sam Mendes’ new James Bond film (which at this stage is still known simply as Bond 23..)

Ifans has previously starred with Bond star Daniel Craig in Ian McEwan adaptation Enduring Love but while the two were very much at logger-heads in that film, it is not known which side of the goodie/baddie divide Ifans will be on.

Ifans will be playing villain ‘Lizard’ in the new Spider-Man reboot, but Javier Bardem is all but confirmed as the lead villain in the new spy thriller.

There aren’t many other details available on the project, aside from the fact that a large section of the shoot will be taking place in South Africa. Bond 23 will be released on 26th October 2012..