Richard Jenkins Takes Up Liberal Arts


Richard Jenkins has signed on to co-star in Josh Radnor’s forthcoming indie love story Liberal Arts.

Radnor will be familiar to fans of How I Met Your Mother where he plays central character and straight man Ted. He’ll star alongside Sundance breakout (for Martha Marcy May Marlene) Elizabeth Olsen (yes, that Elizabeth Olsen) in the story of Jesse, a 35-year old man (Radnor) who goes back to college and attracts the attention of 19-year old Zibby (clearly from the Frank Zappa book of baby names) through “a shared love of music and literature”. It’s probably not going to be Road Trip 2 in other words.

Jenkins who featured in Radnor’s last film HappyThankYouMorePlease will play a college professor who helps to introduce them.

Other names to hop on board include Twilight‘s Elizabeth Reaser, John Magaro (My Soul To Take) , and Michael Weston (Gamer).

Jenkins himself has been busy of late, last seen as sleazy pseudo-rapist in the godawful Hall Pass but no less than six films in production including The Cabin In The Woods, The Rum Diary and Friends With Benefits, although personally I haven’t forgiven him for Eat, Pray, Love.