Rihanna Gets Raunchy With Jonathan Ross

Rude Boy Ross gets an eyeful

Jonathan Ross was left looking rather sheepish by a “waunchyâ€? performance by “Wihannaâ€? on his Friday night ITV show…

The 24-year-old star is known for the sexy moves which – using Ross’ desk as a grinding station – she tried out on the chat show host.

Ross, 51, covered his eyes and looked embarrassed as the pop diva left the performance stage to wiggle and jiggle in front of him.

But as the performance continued, Ross got in the spirit of it all by performing his own string of hip thrusts.

When asked whether she thought she overdid the ‘sexy’ persona, Rihanna said: ‘I don’t notice it, or think about it, until the feedback.

“But going back to carnivals in Barbados this year I notice it’s a cultural thing. It’s the way we move.

“I’ve come to a place where I’ve earned the right to be okay with my artistry. You have to accept not everyone is going to interpret it the way you do. I always stay true to the message in the song.â€?

The Bajan beauty, who is famous for songs such as Rude Boy and S & M, went on to refer to her performances and their messages as “artâ€?, before mounting the host’s desk.

“A lot of the time the music videos are banned, but you can’t let your art suffer for that. You have to accept people have their own standards.â€?

Watch Rihanna walk her very special walk, while performing new single Talk That Talk on The Jonathan Ross Show: