“Rinser” Receives Death Threats From Angry Trolls

Expensive taste: Holly Henderson aka Jeannette

A star of the controversial Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys has reportedly received death threats after the Channel 4 documentary exposed her ruthless money-grabbing practices.

The porn star and glamour model, Holly Henderson aka Jeannette, has been pelted with insults from internet trolls after her appearance on Monday night according to reports by The Sun.

Social network Twitter attracted almost 50, 000 tweets, many of which aimed directly at the documentary’s stars who also included “rinsersâ€? Danica Thrall and Hollie Capper. One furious tweeter said Jeannette – who has been pictured with Man City footballer Mario Ballotelli – “deserved to get cancerâ€?, while another suggested she had “a downstairs like a gutted troutâ€?.

And it wasn’t just anonymous Twitter trolls getting in on the action, Corrie star Michelle Keegan said that she felt “sickâ€? and criticised the blonde “rinserâ€? for not finding a job to “buy your own f****** bagâ€?.

Twitter debate raged on throughout the programme with some viewers finding the women to be “morally, socially and spiritually bankruptâ€? and others voicing their support. @lucyyyxo said: “sex lies and rinsing guys #fairplay to those girls!!â€?

The girls themselves – all of whom have Twitter accounts – have hit back at criticism. Danica tweeted: “It’s not rinsing. It’s business.â€? While Jeannette Worthington said it was “only a TV showâ€? and pointed to her modelling and porn career as real sources of income.

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