Riseborough Set To Star Alongside Cruise

Rising star Riseborough
W.E. star, Andrea Riseborough, has now signed up for a role in the new film from Tron Legacy director, Joseph Kosinki.

They may not be able to decide on a title for the new dystopian sci-fi epic (also starring Tom Cruise – who else?!), having already tried out Oblivion and Horizon, but at least they have a few names confirmed now.

The film imagines Earth as a ruined, inhospitable wasteland and the human race living above it in the clouds. Cruise will play Jack, a fearless soldier stationed on the planet who repairs drones that fight off alien life.

Jack’s one real connection to the people above is his partner and lover (Kurylenko) who remains in radio contact with him. She’s understandably naffed off when he meets and falls in lurve with a woman (Riseborough) who has managed to crash-land on Earth. Her arrival makes Jack reconsider everything…

Assuming there are no more delays, Kosinski should be able to start shooting this thing in a couple of months, aiming for a July 2013 release date.

Riseborough has seen her career leap into gear of late, and can be seen this week in Madonna’s W.E. Despite the film receiving a widespread panning from critics, Riseborough has been praised for her part in the film.