Rob Lowe Signs Up For A Knife Fight

rob-lowe210Shamed by the awful The Invention Of Lying, blue-eyed hunkster Rob Lowe has decided that the only way he can regain some credibility is by fighting to the death in underground knife fights…

Yeah I wish. Actually, he’s just signed up for Knife Fight, which will mark his return to fictional politics after he played White House aide Sam Seaborn in The West Wing.

Bill Guttentag’s film will see him as a political crisis specialist who plays tough in the run up to electoral campaigns. Although the film is being filmed in June, Guttentag’s going to hold on to the distribution until October 2012 in order to coincide with the Presidential election.

Lowe’s mainly been on the small screen with the hilarious Parks & Recreation, so it’ll be good to see him back on the big screen.