Robbie Williams Turns Down X Factor Role

Due to money quibbles and bouts of stage fright, Robbie Williams has apparently turned down one of the most sought after jobs in show business; one of the ominous X-factor judging seats.

Believed to have been offered a £2 million deal to pass judgement on the deluded masses of Britain, Rob’ has turned down the position, rumours circling that he wanted more money for the project.

An insider recently informed Star magazine that, “With Simon leaving to judge the US show, he’s convinced Robbie would be the perfect successor.â€?

“Rob’s likeable, opinionated, and funny. But money has been a stumbling block. He wants more of an incentive to put himself out there on live TV every week.â€?

Other concerns come in the form of Robbie wanting a baby with his wife Ayda, something that the hectic X-Factor schedule could put a dampener on, and a bad affliction of stage fright (why do I find this hard to believe?) because he is wary of putting himself in such a high-profile position.

You can’t blame him though, Simon Cowell’s immaculately polished loafers are a mighty great pair to fill and with other celebrities declining the offer such as Lily Allen, who else can the ITV1 show bosses turn to?

One man: Alan Sugar. He’d whittle the contenders down so quickly we’d have the show done by week two. Sounds good to me.