Robbie Williams Voting for Rylan to Wind Up Gary Barlow

Robbie Williams has threatened to reopen old wounds with former enemy and current BFF Gary Barlow by backing Rylan to win The X Factor.

At the weekend Rock DJ singer Williams tweeted ‘TEAM RYLAN ALL THE WAY VOTE RYLAN’ before taking to his blog to reiterate his thoughts.

Barlow has been vocal about his dislike for the contestant, and revealed his annoyance over Williams’s admission to host Dermot O’Leary on the show.

Barlow (presumably) joked that Williams’s support for Rylan was the final straw in the pair’s two-decade on-off friendship.

“20 years of knowing each other and its all over in five letters” said Barlow.

Take That fans will undoubtedly be on tenterhooks as to whether the duo actually have beef with one another, but OTB won’t be holding its breath.