Robert Carlyle: “Reality Shows Make me Sick”

He's just spotted Mark Wright...

Robert Carlyle has blasted British reality TV shows, blaming them for “the death of dramaâ€?…darling.

The Full Monty star told Radio Times that the shows make him feel physically ill.

“Reality shows make me sick,” he said.

“I remember many years ago thinking the first Big Brother was amazing; but it should never have happened more than once.

“Those people in that first show had no idea what was going on outside, didn’t adjust their behaviour accordingly. Now they’re all doing that so you don’t get any sense of real people at all.

“It’s the death of drama.”

So disgusted is he with the state of modern British television, that the Scots star has revealed his plans to make a permanent home in Canada where he currently lives with his wife and kids.

“At this point in my life I’m happy here in Vancouver, although I miss a lot of stuff culturally and I feel for the people back home just now because I know that the country’s been through some pretty tough times,” he told the magazine.

We take it he won’t be journeying to the jungle to have Ant & Dec pour cockroaches down his pants…?