Robert Zemeckis Might Return To Live Action

Zemeckis300Hip hip hooray, Robert Zemeckis might actually cease his foolish dabblings with computer generated chicanery and return to live action directing. His most recent film Mars Needs Moms was lambasted by critics (I didn’t think it was that bad) and fared poorly at the box office which might account for why he’s thinking about directing the drama Flight, which has Denzel Washington loosely attached to star.

Flight is about a pilot struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. When the plane he’s flying develops a serious mechanical failure, he manages to save both it and the passengers but a subsequent investigation by the Federal Aviation Authority uncovers his drug dependency and tries to sweep it under the carpet.

Is it me or does that first half sound a little like played straight version of Airplane? I wonder if anyone on the plane speaks jive…

If it does happen, it’ll be the first time Zemeckis has done live action since 2000’s Cast Away. WIIIILSOOONN!!!