Robocop Remake Gets A Writer

robocop300If you were getting worried that Hollywood was running out of films to remake, you can rest easy. The [long awaited?] remake of 1987’s Robocop finally has a writer, with the news coming shortly after it was confirmed that Jose Padilha is wanted as director.

Josh Zetumer, the man who was enlisted to rewrite the script for Quantum of Solace during filming, will be given the task of updating the metal policeman for the 21st century. He has also recently completed a draft for a film adaptation of Dune, another film which has definitely never been made before…

To date, Zetumer hasn’t actually had a script made into a film. But then there’s always a first time for everything.

Interestingly, despite the furore around trying to get a writer and director for the remake, nobody seems to have stopped to ask whether it’s worth doing. Having said that, we suspect if Hollywood executives ever asked themselves if they should do something, the whole place would evaporate in a puff of logic.