Robot Uprising Planned For 2084

2084210Put that date in your diary. It’s the date that the world, no longer able to trust its human leaders after the fall of the Murdoch empire and the dissolution of government elects a robot parliament…

No actually 2084 is the proposed film adaptation of an as-yet-unwritten three book series by Gregg Rosenblum that’s been snapped up by Alloy Entertainment. 24 showrunner Howard Gordon and writer/director James Wong will be on board for the sci-fi project.

On paper it looks liek the same old familiar story: robots, created to help mankind, have enslaved us all. No doubt we probably deserved it.

Wong is best known for Final Destination and Final Destination 3, so that’s a series of grisly, imaginative deaths which probably won’t turn up in 2084 as it’s a teen series. Gordon as well as showrunner (that’s someone who is responsible for the day to day running of the sets, a bit like an executive producer) for 24 has also worked on Buffy and Angel.

Rogue robots? Again? Zzzzz…