Robot Wars reveals redesigned House Robots

Robot Wars 1

The makers of the forthcoming revamped Robot Wars have released pictures of the redesigned House Robots.

The images show pictures of Sir Killalot, Dead Metal, Matilda and Shunt, now bigger and more destructive than ever. There appears to be also no indication of other House Robots like Sgt. Bash and the Refbot returning.

Robot Wars 5

Shunt, the bulldozer-like robot, appears to have undergone the biggest change. In the original series he weighed 105kg. He now weighs in at 327kg. He has also been given fatter tyres, a large bulldozer scoop, and a “new high torque drive” which allows him to pull a van. His weapon, a titanium axe, fires at speeds of up to 0.25 seconds.

Robot Wars 4

“The Matriarch of Mayhem” Matilda now weighs 350kgs, having previously weighed 116kg. She can travel at 14mph and her CO2 tusks can lift 1.5 tonnes. She has also been given a smoother body and scary red LED eyes.

Robot Wars 3

The scorpion-like Dead Metal, like Shunt, has fatter tyres than before and an increased weight, jumping up from 112kg to 343kg. His circular saw now spins at 340kph and is 450mm thick.

Robot Wars 2

Lastly, the mighty Sir Killalot has also put on weight – from 520kg to 741kg. His lance and claw arms can lift up to 300kg of weight, and the claws crush with up to 2.5kg of force. As well as being heavier, he is also twice as fast, now reaching 10mph.

The new Robot Wars series will air on BBC Two in the summer, with new presenters Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanlon.