Roland Emmerich To Direct Asteroids

RolandEmmerich210Finally a plot that’s worthy of the storytelling genius of Roland Emmerich. According to Vulture, Roland “No Landmark Is Safe” Emmerich is wanted to direct Universal’s take on the beloved Atari classic.

For those that don’t remember the game (and in the day and age of Xboxs and PS3s and all that jazz I suppose that might be possible), it was launched way back in the 80s when you had to insert small metal discs into towering obelisks made of stone and powered by steam. You piloted a little wire frame ship that shot pixels at wire frame asteroids before they could smash you to smithereens. Hours of fun. No really.

Anyway, the script is being developed by Matthew Lopez (Race To Witch Mountain) and will reportedly take place after the destruction of earth with the remaining humans living on far-flung colonies with aliens who they believed to be their rescuers. Turns out that’s all a load of hokum and the aliens are bent on wiping us out once and for all.

Emmerich had previously sworn off blowing the earth to bits but this gives him a little bit of a loophole – it’s after the earth destruction see? After. Big difference.

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