Roland Emmerich To Direct White House Down

Roland Emmerich in my mind has always been like Michael Bay’s underachieving little brother.  Boy does he like to smash landmarks.  Anyway, after pulverising the White House with massive space laser in Independence Day and rocking its foundations with an earthquake in 2012, you’d have thought he’d have had enough of destroying one of America’s most famous landmarks.  Not so, as he’s currently in talks to direct White House Down which, er, looks like it’ll do what it says on the tin.

It’s written by James Vanderbilt  (the guy who wrote The Amazing Spider-Man  – jury’s still out folks) and Sony scooped up the rights for a cool $3 million last week and have since begun looking around for a director.

Emmerich’s long had a history of blowing up landmarks for fun so it’s no surprise that he was on their list.  Plot details are being kept under wraps right now but unless it turns out to be an epic war drama in which an anthropomorphic White House is shot down in Somalia, we think we’ve got it worked out…

Meanwhile Vanderbilt is currently becoming a studio favourite.  He’s already working on a sequel to Spider-Man and is working on an adaptation of Red Riding, not to mention tidying up the Robocop script for Jose Padilha.