Romeo and Nicola McLean Evicted From the CBB House

We don't hate you Nicola, we just don't like you very much
Nicola McLean and rap star Romeo have been chucked out the Celebrity Big Brother House.

“It’s still going?â€? We hear you cry. Yes, yes it is.

In a double eviction special, the pair were evicted despite being up against the Playboy twins who were favourites to go.

McLean was met with a tidal wave of boos upon exiting the house. When asked by host Brian about the furore she suggested that her fight with Denise Welch about getting her boobs-out behaviour was the reason.

No the fact that she is a doity, double-crossing, hypocritical…contestant.

Nicola had plenty to say back to Denise: “I think it was wrong when she (Denise) said, ‘Because you do it for a living you shouldn’t be upset’. I’m an ex-Page 3 Girl and I’d be upset if somebody did that to me on national TV.”


So anyway, following Nicola’s eviction, So Solid Romeo was given his marching orders after receiving the fewest amount of votes from the public.

After saying goodbye to his housemates, Romeo left the house to huge cheers from the audience.

What was his view on Denise’s trouser dropping antics (Welch pulled down Playboy star Karissa’s trousers on one auspicious occasion). Speaking of the argument, he explained: “I didn’t want to get involved, personally, but there was a lot of tension between the girls, and I wanted to break it up but it was quite difficult.

“Everyone wanted to stay out of it – it’s not a man’s position to step in the middle of it. In the longevity of it, I kind of spoke to everyone one-by one and tried to piece the puzzle together.”

Slamming Madsen’s role in the fight, Romeo added: “Deep down, I think [Michael] was instigating it.”

Madsen, the twins, Denise, Gareth and Frankie Cocozza will now battle it out to be crowned the winner of CBB on Friday (27th January) – with shamed X Factor star Frankie emerging as the bookies’ favourite to take the title.

Come on Gareth/Welsh rugby fans, please don’t let that little squirt win.