Rosario Dawson Latest To Fall Into Danny Boyle’s Trance

rosario-dawson210We were starting to worry about Rosario Dawson after her appearance in Zookeeper. She’s way better than that. She’ll get a chance to redeem herself as she’s the latest addition along with Vincent Cassel to the cast of Trance, the new film from Danny Boyle.

Trance already has James McAvoy on board after his X-Men: First Class co-star Michael Fassbender pulled out.

McAvoy will play the inside man on a heist at an auction house that goes wrong and who loses his memory after a bump on the head. That’s a change as the other week we had him down as the gang leader whose accomplice got the knock on the noggin. Anyway, as he’s got all the details of where the loot’s stashed, this leads his partner (Vincent Cassel) to try to prise the secrets out of him using a hypnotist.

Dawson will play the female lead who has a strange relationship with both men. As previously reported, Trance is on a strange shooting schedule. Boyle will film some of it at the end of this year only to shelve it while he directs the 2012 Olympic ceremony. When that’s done, it’ll be given a touch up before a March 2013 release.