Royal Wedding Gets South Park Treatment

Her Royal Highness the Queen will be getting a South Park make-over after the show spoofed last month’s Royal Wedding.

The episode, which turns Will and Kate, or to give them their new title, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, into the Prince and Princess of Canada, airs in the UK tomorrow.

Although the real-life wedding ceremony last month went seamlessly, the South Park version won’t have such luck.

In the episode titled ‘Royal Pudding’, the royal couple’s big day is ruined when the princess is abducted shortly before the pair head down the aisle. The Canadians are expected to help save Kate, but what role Pippa Middleton (or P-Middy as many have dubbed her..) will have in the episode is yet to be confirmed.

The episode will be shown tomorrow (Friday 13th May) on comedy central at 10pm.