RTS Awards: Appropriate Adult Sweeps The Best Actor Board

Dominic West and Emily Watson both collected awards for their parts in a controversial ITV drama about serial killer Fred West.

Dominic West, who played West in Appropriate Adult, said: “Everyone thinks we’re related now.

“But thank you very much, I’ve never won an award before!â€?

The judges praised West for a performance which was “shockingly, wittily and superbly captured the most horrific characteristic of a serial killer: his terrifying charm”.

Watson, who played the eponymous appropriate adult, Janet Leach, was named Best Female Actor beating off This Is England star Vicky McClure.

The judges said she was “subtle, nuanced and utterly compelling, an incredibly skilled and extraordinary portrayal of an ordinary woman by an actor at the height of her powers”.

Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani won the Comedy Performance for BBC comedy Him and Her, with the judges praising their “perfect partnership” which they said was “understated but wickedly funny”.

Solemani spoke to OTB about the show which is due to start filming a third series in Spring: “We filmed one pilot in a flat in Willesden and we didn’t know if the BBC would like it but when picked the series and people responded to it we were so thrilled.

“We loved it but we didn’t know if people would get the intimacy that we were trying to capture.â€?

So are the pair going to move out of that flat?

Russell Tovey told us: “I doubt it – but we never know until we get the script but it’s exciting times.

“You assume the character’s going to do this and this and this but then Stefan Golaszewski’s writing completely hits you right from the side and you’re like “oh that’s what’s happening!â€?.

Check out our interview with the RTS Award-winning duo: