Russell Brand Flexes His Hauntrepreneurial Muscles

Russell Brand...*shudders*

Russell Brand is determined to give us the creeps. Whether it’s his seedy behaviour with a bunch of sorority girls, his Sleepy Hollow-esque outfits or his choice of film project… Russell Brand seems determined to give us all the creeps.

After initially showing interest in Rentaghost, the straggly-haired rogue is now hovering disconcertingly around The Hauntrepreneur for Paramount.

If this one makes it to the screen with Brand still attached, he’ll play the titular weirdo, who helps a family adjust to a new town (and settle their differences) by creating a haunted house filled with unusual characters. We know, it sounds like  Hollywood version of Celebrity Big Brother. But it isn’t.

Con Air / High Fidelity writer, Scott Rosenberg, sold the idea to the studio as a spec script in October and Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes team, which usually specialises in pure horror, is on board to help keep things from getting too freaky.

Hauntrepreneur is now scouring the streets of Hollywood and beyond, looking for a director. Any director.

Brand, meanwhile, will next crop up in Rock Of Ages and has been setting up a new series on US cable channel FX. He’ll also co-star in Diablo Cody’s as-yet-untitled directorial debut, which will see him appear alongside Octavia Spencer and Julianne Hough.