Russell Brand Lands Major US TV Show Deal

Brand power: Can Russell conquer the US?

Exuberant wordsmith and breaker of hearts, Russell Brand, is set to present a new topical comedy show in the US.

Going against the likes of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, the straggly-haired Brit will bring his unique comic touch to discussions on current affairs, politics and popular culture.

According to  report by The Sun, Strangely Uplifting, will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic in the UK but no date has yet been set for its small screen premier.

Brand is now a big name in the States, largely thanks to his marriage to popstress Katy Perry. The British comedian has also starred in a number of Hollywood films such as Get Him To The Greek and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

This latest venture could see the 36-year-old conquering US television as well…