Russell Brand To Take On Worzel Gummidge?


There are some TV “treasures” which are better left buried. Under concrete. And insane scarecrow, Worzel Gummidge is one.

A variety of sources, including the Daily Mail, are reporting that scruffy-haired rogue Russell Brand is up for the part in a movie translation supposedly being directed by Peter Jackson (Lord Of the Rings – obv).

The original Worzel was played by early Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee, but someone apparently thinks that Brand would make a suitably bizarre replacement. But Hollywood producer Patrick Pidgeon told The Daily Star newspaper that “the actor who plays Worzel doesn’t have to look like John Pertwee.

“I want to come up with a new way of how the character became Worzel. And maybe we could take him out of a rural setting into a Victorian town.”

Forgive us Mr Pidegon, but it sounds like this “remake” is being made up as it goes along.

Whether this frankly terrifying ‘70s/’80s children’s TV character will make it back it onto the big screen is one issue. Whether anyone will want to go and see the film is quite another…we will watch this scruffy production develop with interest.

WHY would we want this gurning tramp back in our lives?…

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