Russell Crowe To Hunt Vampires as Harker?

Russell Crowe looks set to sink his fangs into the flesh of a new take on the Dracula legend with Harker.

The film, which boasts Leonardo DiCaprio among its producers, is Warner Bros’ latest take on the classic vampire story which reimagines the tale from the perspective of its feeble hero, Jonathan Harker.

In this version, he’s not a lawyer but a Scotland Yard detective hunting the fanged fiend after Drac commits a series of bloody murders in England.

Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy wrote the script as a spec and last year, Unknown’s Jaume Collet-Serra was attached to direct.

The Spanish director has most recently been linked with Anime remake, Akira, but things are still moving very slowly. Speculation is now rife that the vampire classic will be shuffled to the top of Collet-Serra’s list.

Lest we forget, Crowe can be a fairly slippery character and with nothing set in stone, this project is far from a dead cert.

The Gladiator star is currently readying his voice-box for Les Miserables alongside Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway for director Tom Hooper.