Russell Crowe To Join Superman?

rc210With the new Superman movie being casted the Man of Steel team have been looking for a heavyweight actor to take on the role of Superman’s father and it seems that they’ve settled on none other than Gladiator star Russell Crowe. The character known as Jor-El is Superman’s biological father who saves his infant son from the wholesale demolition of their home planet of Krypton.

If the past is anything to go on the role will be nothing more than a glorified cameo (Marlon Brando took the role in the 1978 original) although as of yet no details have been leaked as to how much time he’ll spend on screen. He will star opposite Henry Cavill, (who will appear on screen in the soon to be released movie Immortals), who will be donning the famous red cape.

It’s a new role for Crowe as normally these characters are played by older and more wizened actors. That being said Sean Penn and Clive Owen were also considered, so the role might involve more than just standing around delivering speeches.

The shooting starts next month and is expected to air late next year. For now if you see a man changing in a phone booth it’s best to report it to the police.