Russell T. Davies Doesn’t Miss Doctor Who

Since moving on from Doctor Who, Russell T. Davies hasn’t spent much time crying into a tub of ice cream about his decision to leave as he’s been too busy actually watching the show.

That and he’s been working on the new season of Torchwood.

Davies told the BBC that, “I don’t miss it actually. I’m a viewer now. I watch the episodes and, apart from loving them, my overriding thought is, ‘Oh, that’s hard work.’ So part of me is very glad not to be sweating over that Tardis again.”

“The greatest responsibility the Doctor Who team has now is getting me a disc every single week out to Los Angeles, which I sit and watch every Saturday night and love.”

Overall it seems that Davies is happy with what Stephen Moffat has done in his abscence claiming, “What a glorious new age. It’s the show that’ll never die.”

Talking about Torchwood, Davies remained tight-lipped. “Its a bit soon to give too much away about the stories but we will still be shooting in Wales. They’ll still be Cardiff action on your screens but the story now takes the team to America and to some other countries as well.”