Russian Spy Has Licence To Kill Viewing Figures

Former spy Anna Chapman has had her Russian chat-show axed after viewing figures left producers shaken, but definitely not stirred.

Chapman showed some thunderballs by creating vague investigative show Secrets of the World, but was told that it “would be off air for an indefinite period” according to a source at the station, following it’s debut earlier this year.

The so called femme-fatale spy hit headlines in 2010 after she was deported from the US along with ten other undercover agents.

Before taking the position, the 29-year-old had been in publicity overdrive, posing semi-naked for a men’s magazine, attending a rocket launch, being presented with a tiger cub on a television chat show, and being crowned a leader of the youth wing of Vladimir Putin’s political party.

Time will tell whether or not the most famous female spy in the world can resurrect her TV career, but judging by Chapman’s craving for media attention, it may appear to be the case that The World is Not Enough for this Russian agent.