Ryan Gosling For Logan’s Run

gosling210Fresh from the wonderful indie goodness of Blue Valentine, Ryan Gosling has signed up for more mainstream fare in the shape of Logan’s Run.

It’s an idea that’s been bounced around for quite sometime with several changes in the line up – original director Bryan Singer produced some artwork for his version before dropping out and being replaced by Carl Rinch who then parted ways with the production to film Keanu Reeves’ 47 Ronin.

But a surprise move is the the next director to step up to the plate is Nicholas Winding Refn (famous for his Pusher Trilogy and more recently the avant garde Valhalla Rising). Refn’s just finished working with Gosling on Drive, so I guess it’s not that surprising that the two would want to work together again and when you take into his sterling work on Bronson, the idea becomes a lot more appealing.

The script’s written by Alex Garland (Hollywood’s most busy scriptwriting monkey) and seems to have more in common with the 1976 film than the 1967 book, in which an enforcer called Logan 5 is employed to track down evaders of the state-wide dictate of compulsory euthanasia at the age of 30. But when he starts his time starts to draw nearer he uncovers a darker secret about his job and legs it.

With Refn behind the camera and Gosling in the lead, it’s shaping up to be an intriguing prospect.