Rylan Through To X Factor Live Shows: What Twitter Had To Say

X Factor contestant Rylan Clark’s histrionics on learning of his undeserved passage through to the live rounds of the competition have set alight that bastion of subtlety and reserve, Twitter. Imogen Thomas, for example, provided a much-needed tonic to the singer’s shrill overreaction with the casual tweet, “This is seriously too much!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!â€?

Other celebrities have also had a go at the Essex ‘singer’. Chris O’Dowd tweeted, “Now he’s reached the live shows, I wonder if Rylan will give up his job as a bereavement counsellor?â€?, whilst Millie Mackintosh wrote “just had to turn the TV downâ€?, so at least she knows how it feels now.

All the jokes might seem a bit harsh for a simple display of emotion were it not for the two facts that 1) it was completely mental and 2) he apparently lives in a land of opposite emotions where if the good news that he’s made it one more round before being dumped out reduced him to a tearful wreck, the upsetting news that he’s having the piss taken out of him on Twitter will presumably have him bouncing off the walls with glee.

Besides, the genius hive mind of Twitter has come up with the hashtag #Crylan. Consequently, we’ve collected some of Twitter’s best reactions:

Melvin Odoom: If I can vote Rylan off next week I’m going to get a loan and a separate Pay As You Go phone to make sure he leaves.

DarrenTSmith: I was in the other room and couldn’t see but did they just set light to a sea lion on xfactor?

Tim Chipping: Essentially this is a show about rich people hugging poor people who are crying

John Murdoch: That #Rylan fella became #Gollum when he was told by the dusky elf maiden he was going to the live shows

Kaitlyn Côté: I’m a hashtag, what has the world come to #rylan

Dayna Farrington: I’ve never been so terrified of someone crying

Steve Anderson: I would imagine Celebrity Big Brother are already on the phone