Sacha Baron-Cohen To Join Les Misérables Movie?

It is known as the longest-running musical of all time, but Les Misérables is also soon to become a big-screen adaptation.

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman have already signed up and it has now been reported that Sacha Baron-Cohen will join the cast.

As the mock-Kazakh journalist Borat, Baron-Cohen is recognised as a great comedic talent, however this role is set to be just one in a run of new roles for the funny-man.

He recently appeared in Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, has a new comedy release The Dictator set for release next year; as well as reportedly being in talks to appear in a new Freddie Mercury biopic.

A busy man indeed, yet fans will undoubtedly be hoping there might soon be some time leftover for that Borat sequel.