Sam Buttery and Sophie Griffin Voted Off The Voice

Sam Buttery and Sophie Griffin became the first acts to be voted off The Voice tonight after they were given the boot by their coaches.

Sir Tom Jones decided to save Matt and Sueleen after Holly Willoughby revealed that of the Welsh legend’s team, they and Sam received the least votes from the public.

Meanwhile, after a rambling speech, elected to save Joelle rather than young Sophie Griffin. The Black Eyed Peas singer had been accused of spending very little time with his artists this week and reportedly communicated with them only over email from America. It has also been alleged that Joelle was forced to sing a song she had never heard before (‘I’m Going Down’ by Mary J Blige).

Yet (unsurprisingly) none of Will’s acts have complained about his jet-setting, with Tyler telling The Sun.. “He’ll be there when we really need him.”

“I never really never liked talent shows,” explained Will as he gave his verdict. “But this show is special because every single person actually sings really, really good. So I’m proud of being on the show.”

“This is the hardest thing because both you guys are amazing talents. Sophie, you’re special, you’ve learned so much,” he added. “It took me freakin’ ten years to learn what you learnt in two months. I promise you, me and Dante and Apl are going to be there for you whatever you need. But for the show, I’m gonna take Joelle.”

Beforehand, Jones had given Sam the boot in a surprise move. “They’re both great entertainers,” he said. “It’s very difficult because they’re so different. I can only judge it on last night’s performance, and I think I’m going to take Matt and Sueleen.”

Meanwhile Ruth Brown and Jaz Ellington have been installed as joint favourites at 5/2 to win with the bookies. Although we’re taking that with a pinch of salt, considering that only half the acts have performed so far..