Samantha Brick For Celebrity Big Brother?

News has reached our ears that World’s Most Beautiful Woman ™ Samantha Brick could be one of the contestants on the next Celebrity Big Brother.

If so, she will almost certainly join Tulisa’s former boyfriend Ultra, whose penis shot to fame after it appeared in the X Factor judge’s infamous sex tape a couple of weeks back.

Brick caused an internet sensation when she spoke out about the travails of being so bloody good-looking in a Daily Mail article this week. Numerous spiteful parody articles, pictures, videos and Twitter accounts have been set up by jealous haters all over the globe.

A man at the bus-stop, who claimed to clean the windows of Channel 5’s head office explained that the broadcaster are “looking for the most beautiful nutters on the planet and she fits the bill.”

Obviously she’ll be voted out rather quickly by embittered and insecure women.

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