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The team and Hurley survive the explosion

Last week OnTheBox writer Alastair Newport wrote a damning review of the opening episode of the fifth season of Leverage. Within minutes the comments erupted in outrage, our Twitter was overwhelmed and it became clear that Leverage fans are a special kind of loyal.

Here in their own words, crowdsourced from Grifters across the globe and put together by Ali Kien and Jeannean Sword are the reasons we should #SaveLeverage:

Leverage is cancelled. So what? It’s just a show, get over it. This is what networks, critics and non-believers have tried to cram down fans throats for the past month. Apparently, they never understood the significance this show had in today’s society and on the shows fans. Leverage premiered in December, 2008 as society called for change and relief from the economic turmoil that sent shockwaves across the world. Leverage provided viewers with heroes, a group of misfits who came together and rose up against evil corporations to fight for the little guy.

Over the past five years, Leverage provided a fun, fast-paced action dramedy that was suitable for audiences of all ages. There was no gratuitous sex, over the top violence, or inappropriate dialogue. Families could sit down together and enjoy an hour of entertainment and lose themselves in these characters. Each fan had their favorite; whether it was the Mastermind, Hacker, Hitter, Grifter or Thief, we relished in watching each of them grow season after season.
Through trials and tribulations this group of loners became a family and so did we.

What made Leverage different was that it was not just another formatted crime drama, reality show or crude comedy. It was unique, it told stories that people dealt with everyday. Losing their job, getting foreclosed on, getting swindled; these things happen and the common man has nowhere to turn. Leverage touched the lives of the viewer like no other show could. We laughed, cried, cheered, and shouted “Dammit Hardison!â€? For that brief moment every week we forgot our troubles and escaped. Leverage saved us from ourselves and restored the hope that one day the corrupt would be brought to justice.

Leverage was also distinctive in that the actors, writers, producers and crew reached out to fans through social media. They let us into their world, which is so often protected by other shows, and let us be a part of their family. Through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, fans from all over the world could come together and talk to the cast and crew, argue over the best episode; or debate the controversy when Eliot (Christian Kane) cut his hair.

The fans (Grifters) tirelessly supported Leverage; rallying to gain renewals each season and promoting the show until carpel tunnel set in. This resulted in the Fifth season premier being the #1 cable show in the coveted 8pm timeslot. Everyone was actively involved and engaged and that impacted the shape of the show.

Since cancellation, Leverage has gained in popularity as seen by the increase in likes on their Facebook page and the multiple new pages that have sprung up to “Save Leverageâ€?. Leverage won the People’s Choice Award making history as the only cancelled show to ever win. In the “Best of 2012” poll Leverage received 1,297,589 votes, out voted only by ABC’s Juggernaut Castle.

Fans continue to show their support by signing petitions; writing, emailing and tweeting
networks asking that Leverage be picked up for another season; and voting in every poll created in order to save our show. We all know TV is about making money. Leverage has an intensely strong following; with proper promotion and a consistent timeslot Leverage could prove to be a real cash cow to some lucky network.

While the reasons Leverage deserves another chance are truly endless, the main point is: there are wolves in the world and sometimes the bad guys are the only good guys you’re gonna get.

Save Leverage

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