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The fans have spoken…and they want to keep Leverage on TV. OnTheBox’s Nick Arthur has compiled the complete list of everyone YOU need to contact to ensure that YOUR voice is heard by the decision makers:

Here are some suggested messages for you to send and remember to use #SaveLeverage – Let’s get this trending!

– I want to #SaveLeverage because
– It’s important that we #SaveLeverage because
– Support us #SaveLeverage
– RT if you want to #SaveLeverage
– #Kaniacs and #Grifters unite! #SaveLeverage

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TNT Contact:
Leverage Twitter – @leverageTNT
TNT PR – @tntpr
TNT We Know Drama �- @tntweknowdrama
Karen Cassell (Senior Vice President) – [email protected]
Gina McKenzie (VP) – @ginaTCMtbsPR | [email protected]
Erin.Felentzer (VP) – [email protected]
Maya Brooks (Manager) – @MayaTNTTBSPR | [email protected]
Cassie Bryan (Manager) – [email protected]
Carmen Davenporte-McNeal (Director) – @CarmenTNTTBSPR | [email protected]
Samantha Graham (Senior Director) – @sammygraham | [email protected]
Barrie Gruner (Director) – @barriegruner | [email protected]
Christina Hamilton (Publicist) – [email protected]
Brad Bernstein (Director) – [email protected]
Kevin Little (Editorial Director) – @KALKevin | [email protected]
Jessie Peretsman (Publicist) – @JessieTNTTBS | [email protected]
Eileen Quast (Director) – @EileenTNTTBSPR | [email protected]
Heather Sautter (Manager) – @heathertcmtntpr | [email protected]
Kristina Stafford (Publicist) – @KristinaTBSTNT | [email protected]
Lindsey Jones (Publicist) – [email protected]
Danielle Dusky (Director) – @DanielleDusky | [email protected]
Mitchell Squires (Publicist) – @MitchNYC | [email protected]
Wendy Levison (Publicist) – @WendyTBSTNT | [email protected]

Series Directors:
Marc Roskin – @MarcRoskin
Dean Devlin – @Electric44
Jonathan Frakes – @jonathansfrakes
John Rogers – @jonrog1

Series Writers:
Chris Downey – @ChrDowney
John Rogers – @jonrog1
M. Scott Veach – @mscottveach
Christine Boylan – @KitMoxie
Melissa Glenn – @theothermelissa
Rebecca Kirsch – @BeckyKirsch
Jessica Rieder – @Jlrieder
Albert Kim – @MagicBranch
Geoffrey Thorne – @GeoffThorne
Paul Guyot – @Fizzhogg
Jeremy Bernstein – @fajitas
Josh Schaer – @joshuaschaer1
Joe Hortua – @jhortua
Jenn Kao – @kaogirl

Timothy Hutton / Nathan Ford – @timhutton
Gina Bellman / Sophie Devereaux – @Ginabellman
Christian Kane / Eliot Spencer – @ChristianKane01
Beth Riesgraf / Parker – @BethRiesgraf |
Aldis Hodge / Alec Hardison – @AldisHodge | @AldisHodgeFans
Jeri Ryan / Tara Cole – @JeriLRyan
Gerald Downey / FBI Agent McSweeten – @geralddowney
Robert Blanche / Detective Captain Bonanno – @Robert_Blanche
Kari Matchett / Maggie Collins – @TheKariMatchett

Series Producers
Rachel Olschan – @rachelolschan
Marc Roskin – @MarcRoskin
Chris Downey – @ChrDowney
John Rogers – @jonrog1
Dean Devlin – @Electric44
Jose Behar – @josebehar
Kerry Glover – @kerryglover
Geoffrey Thorne – @GeoffThorne

Casting Director
Lana Veenker �- @lanaveenker

Renew Leverage – @RenewLeverage6
Leverage10Podcast – @Lev10Podcast
Parker – @LeverageParker
Leverage Fans – @Leverage_tv
Beth Riesgraf Online – @RiesgrafOnline
All Out Kane – @AllOutKane
TheFan-ForumJob -� @TheFan_ForumJob
Leverage HQ – â€? @leveragehqorg
Mrs. Christian Kane – @C_KANEFANS -� @kanecountry
The Fan Site Job – @TheFanSiteJob
Let’s Go Steal A Season 6 –

If you have any more add them in the comments!