Saved By The Bell Reunion On The Cards

Elizabeth Berkley AKA Jessie from Saved By The Bell has said she’s definately up for a SBTB cast reunion.

 “I love everyone. We grew up together so I would be up for it and I know the fans would love it,” the actress said on the Today show in the US. 

A Bayside High get-together would also be welcomed by Mark-Paul Gasselaar, AKA Zack Morris, who agreed to a reunion while appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show in 2008. With two members already on board, could this be a job for Justin Lee Collins?

He’d have to track down the other classmates, including AC Slater, now a TV presenter, and Screech – now, rumour has it, working as a porn star. Don’t tell Principal Belding, played by Dennis Haskins, who even starred in a short film last year called ‘Saved By The Belding,’ about four young men desperate to find out the truth about Principal Belding. Meta.