Saving Private Ryan Scribe To Re-Write Thor 2

Round and round the wheel goes, where it stops nobody knows… Thor 2‘s been having a bit of trouble maintaining a grip on its contributors with director Patty Jenks leaving late last year due to creative differences. She’s been replaced by Game Of Thrones director Alan Taylor but now Marvel are wheeling out some heavy artillery in the shape of Robert Rodat, who will be re-writing the script.

Rodat scored an Oscar nomination for his work on Saving Private Ryan in 1998 but also wrote the scripts to Fly Away Home and The Patriot as well as alien invasion TV drama Falling Skies.

The script was nailed down by orginal writer Don Payne so it seems Rodat’s being brought aboard for a last minute spit and polish.

It’ll feature the same returning cast: Chris Hemsworth (current deadlifting Belgium in a gym somewhere), Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston. The release is set for a very precise November 15 2013.