Scarface Blu-Ray Cast Reunion

Scarface comes to Blu-ray on the 5th September and stars of the movie including Al Pacino (dressed as what? Rambo? 80s-era Sting?), Steven Bauer, Robert Loggia and F. Murray Abraham were on the town for a special launch party to celebrate.

Weirdly Steven Bauer said, “I’ve had encounters with fans every day of my life…as most of the world identifies with Tony Montana.” Apparently most of the world identifies with coke-snorting, foul-mouthed, homicidal drug lords now. Things really are worse than we thought folks.

“It’s really beautiful (on Blu-ray) and the sound is amazing. It comes with a documentary that is a killer. It’s the ultimate for fans and people who love the movie.”

Well, in that he’s right as classic films in Blu-ray are definitely worth picking up especially for the bucket-loads of extra footage.

Check out some footage for the event: