Scotland’s Got Not Talent Claim McIntyre And The Hoff

During a press conference to launch the new series of Britain’s Got Talent , judges Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff have caused an upset by claiming that Scotland hasn’t got much talent.

When asked about the Scottish leg of the auditions, Hasselhoff remarked: “I didn’t have a clue what they were trying to do. I didn’t understand a word they said…â€?

McIntyre did little to help the situation, saying: “The acts weren’t great. The audience were restless and chanted ‘cheerio, cheerio, cheerio’ when they didn’t like and act – that was chanted a lot.â€?

“Susan Boyle blew everyone away when she auditioned in Glasgow but that won’t happen this year.â€?

It’s nice to see McIntyre at least realises that Susan Boyle isn’t allowed to enter again.

Britain’s Got Talent which, if the judges are correct could conceivably be renamed ‘Britain’s Got A Lot Of Problems But An Overabundance Of Talent Doesn’t Appear To Be One Of Them’ starts again this Saturday on ITV1.