Scott Mann Remaking Seven Samurai

seven samurai210“What do we need? More remakes! When do we want them? Now!” goes the chant that Hollywood executives hear in the heads on a daily basis. To that end the Weintstein’s have decided that what we the viewing public need is yet another remake of Akira Kurosawa’s seminal classic, Seven Samurai.

The director up for the job is Scott Mann whose work on 2009’s The Tournament, which saw a battle between top assassins descend on a town every seven years, seems to have landed him the role (it probably wasn’t his work on Stars In Their Eyes in 1990…). The script, written by John Fusco, will shift the location from feudal Japan to present day Thailand, and the call for mercenaries to defend a small village from marauders will go out worldwide. Expect a sort of Expendables/Battle Royale type mish-mash of skills as battle-hardened vets show up.

The Weinsteins have the backing of Kurosawa Productions and are keen to get this off the ground at the end of this year.