Scott Z Burns Writing Planet Of The Apes Sequel

Whenever something’s successful, it’s almost guaranteed a sequel.  With Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes being one of the surprise hits of the year and with an open-ended ending, a follow-up was almost guaranteed.  Now we can report that Contagion writer Scott Z Burns is hard at work writing Apes 2.

There’s very little known about the plot but it’ll continue where the first one left off – with intelligent apes on their way to becoming earth’s dominant species and with a virulent plague slowly killing humanity. Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa penned the first draft which Burns will now polish, which makes sense given his experience with all things contagious.  There’s a good chance that Silver and Jaffa will remain on board, as they were replaced several times when filming the first script only to end in charge of the draft that eventually made it to the big screen.

There are no more details about from the return of mo-cap king Andy Serkis but it’s likely that Rupert Wyatt will be on board to direct once the script’s finished.