Screenwriter Files Plagiarism Case Against Hangover 2

Screenwriter Michael Alan Rubin has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and the filmmakers responsible for The Hangover: Part II, not because it was an unimaginative rehash of the first film, but because they claim the movie’s script plagiarized a screenplay that he wrote.

Rubin stated that the writers “copied from the treatment… and also from the real-life incident of the plaintiff, because the protagonist in Hangover II travels from the United States to and Asian country to marry his Asian girlfriend.”

In his script, entitled Mickey and Kirin, an American travels to Asia to marry his girlfriend and when their romance falls apart, the protagonist has some whacky Asian adventures. Rubin is also suing for defamation because of the poor portrayal of Stu, who he believes is based on him.

The Hangover: Part II was also the subject of a court case in May, when a tattoo artist attempted to block the film’s release over claims that Stu’s face tattoo infringed upon his copyright on Mike Tyson’s similar marking. A United States federal judge rejected the attempt.